According to annual report of the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) for 2016 Ukraine took the first line in the rating of the world’s countries which the most frequent infringe the intellectual property rights. Therefore the main idea of our strategy is the participation in creating a single market for intellectual property rights in Ukraine that will contribute towards creating and developing high quality innovative technologies. That in turn would affect the economic indicators and provide an opportunity for creativity and decent work of professionals.

Our services:

  • The provision of legal protection of intellectual property rightholders through enhanced fight against illegal use of manufacturing marks (trademarks, brands), fight against counterfeiting and piracy in all areas of activity.
  • The provision of legal services for intellectual property protection (drafting agreements on intellectual property protection, license agreements, copyright agreements, agreements on transfer of exclusive property rights, etc. )
  • The assistance in the registration of trademarks, copyright and neighboring rights, etc.
  • The representation of interests of intellectual property rightholders in State Intellectual Property Department, Antimonopoly committee of Ukraine, Ukrainian Institute of Industrial Property, State Customs Service of Ukraine and also law-enforcement bodies of Ukraine
  • The cooperation with the International organizations for the protection of intellectual property rights (The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), European Supervisory Council for Intellectual Property Rights Violation, Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) and etc.)
  • The trial preparation and representation of interests of clients in the courts of all instances for the protection of intellectual property rights.


Main activities:

  • Anti-counterfeiting technologies for the book industry (study books, fiction and others)

The situation in the book industry is not easy; there has been a sharp decline of financial and economic indicators in publishers and typographers. The same situation is observed in the book trade (retail and wholesale). It is largely due to the development of information technologies and change of standards in education.  A wave of piracy covers a market and there is a lack of legislative and practical measures to deal with this problem.

  • E-books

The development of information technology and the Internet has facilitated the print publications to be displaced by e-books. The Internet has been taken over by pirated copies of e-books and no one fights against it. Here we step into the fight against e-book piracy.

  • World famous brands protection

The mains task is to prevent illegal use of the brand. Accordingly to receive the Power of Attorney from rightholder or License Agency INK. The rights to the brand have commercial value, and the piracy decreases license value and does not provide an opportunity for rightholder to earn. Our agency directs its activities at unlicensed use of brands thus will allow Ukrainian companies to extend its sphere of activity in the area of licensing.

  • The Agency is the authorized representative of the largest manufacturer and sector world-wide leader in the manufacture of the equipment for security printing and production of Identification documents of Toppan company. We also carry out technical maintenance and service support of the equipment manufactured by Toppan Printing Co., Ltd (Japan) as well as the supply of consumables.

Our specialists are ready to advice on all aspects of our activities in any time.

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